Sweet Fellowship…

WP_20140713_007Today was potluck Sunday at Grace Pointe. Every second Sunday, we eat a potluck meal following morning services. Each member brings their favorite dish to share with the rest of the congregation. Sometimes, we even set themes for the lunches, and everyone brings something centered around that theme. Themes we’ve used in the past include Tex-Mex and Southern cooking.

At Grace Pointe, we enjoy potluck Sunday because it builds fellowship. Fellowship is a close association, an intimate partnership where people share a common background and are going in a common direction. It’s an extremely close friendship. The potluck lunches provide another opportunity for us to get to know each other, share in each others’ struggles and victories, and encourage each other as we live for the Lord. As we do this, our fellowship grows… and that’s why Baptists call meals at church “fellowships.”

Did you fellowship with anyone this week?

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