Understanding the threat that common viruses like Flu and the Cold pose to immuno-compromised individuals, Life Point Baptist Church has already operated in a way to reduce risk to these individuals. CDC recommendations such as hand-washing, surface cleaning, and social distancing have already been in practice at Life Point.

Regarding hand-washing, we pay special attention to sinks and hand-washing stations in our facility to ensure there is ample hand-soap, hand-sanitizer, and paper towels at each stations. Furthermore, we also work to make sure that plenty of bathroom tissue is deployed to each restroom facility. Also, we keep hand-sanitizer stationed throughout the building, including in the foyer, warming kitchen, pastor’s office, and classrooms.

Life Point also endeavors to keep a clean facility. Surfaces are often disinfected, and a recent cleaning effort on March 14 resulted in the disinfecting of all surfaces, including sanctuary chairs, counters, tables and floors.

As far as social distancing, we already encourage all congregants who are experiencing ANY symptoms to refrain from attending services, whether these symptoms are tied to COVID-19, Flu, stomach bugs, the common cold, or any others. Furthermore, members who have weak immune systems are encouraged to refrain from attending church functions during times of “outbreaks.” We have members who stay home during Flu season.

These precautions have been taken for years, long before the COVID-19 pandemic.

Regarding CDC recommendations and precautions of the current COVID-19 outbreak…

The CDC recommends discontinuing gatherings of 50 or more people. Our current average attention is 23 for Sunday Worship, and 19 for Sunday School. (We are a small church, we’ll address that at a later time.) Given that our current attendance is well below the 50-mark at our peak, current scheduled services and Bible studies will continue. However, we will be suspending our weekly Bible study at the Market Place apartments at that facility’s request.

Current plans for our Community Sunrise Service will go forward as well, though we will monitor the situation and adjust to what is appropriate for the situation.

As of the date this post is written, there have been 68 cases of COVID-19 reported in Texas, per the Texas Tribune. The nearest case is approximately 200 miles away. Should the virus move closer to our location, we will assess and adjust as is best for our members and our community.

Please be in prayer for this situation, for those affected by the virus, and that God would turn our nation back to Himself through all this. May God bless you, May God bless Life Point, May God bless Texas, and may God bless America.

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