Why Doesn’t God Reveal Himself?

Why does God have to be so enigmatic?

If He wants us to know the truth, if He wants us to believe in Him, why doesn’t He just appear before us and remove all doubt?

In the above-posted clip, Pastor Leland Acker addresses those questions. In reading the Bible, we learn that God has, in fact, revealed Himself to mankind on a number of occasions.

He appeared to Adam after giving him life, and as He paid out the plan of salvation following Adam’s sin. He appeared to Noah, to Old Testament Israel, and then He appeared to us through Jesus Christ.

When God presented Himself to all mankind through Jesus Christ, man rejected Him and crucified Him.

The idea that man would simply accept God if He were to appear is a false assumption. Adam saw God, and rejected Him. Israel saw God, and rejected Him. The people of Jesus’ day saw Him, and crucified Him.

And the Bible says that when Christ returns, the armies of the world will gather to battle against Him.

God has appeared. He has spoken to us. The question is, do you accept Him, or reject Him?

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